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A slang term for male genetalia popularized by the Opie and Anthony radio program.
Ben's hog is so big he could screw a hula hoop
by Joe Friday July 06, 2005
1)Spanish for "Un-listenable."
2)Officially the worst music ever created. The Music gods should put a curse of locusts and frogs on whatever country invented it. Bob Marley spins in his grave as we speak because they used the word "Reggae" to name such a horrible genre of music.
1) "I would rather listen to a cat being butt raped with a shard of broken glass than listen to reggaeton"

2) "Listening to reggaeton makes me want to burn things"
by Joe Friday July 05, 2005
Soybean Protien.
Usually comsumed by hippies, chicks with arm pit hair, health freaks, animal lovers, pain in the ass vegetarians, homos, mimes and loud mouthed celebrities who want to get there fat ugly heads on my TV.
Madonna says I have to eat tofu or baby seals will be slaughtered.

Tofu goes great with veal.
by Joe Friday July 07, 2005
1) College Football at its finest.
2) The NFL's main source of talent over the last 20 years
3) The team that plays at the Orange Bowl, the greatest stadium on earth.
4) Sebastian's Boys
5) As in Five National Titles...count 'em UF and FSU....Five rings...Five
6) As in Six in a row against FSU as of the 2004 season
7) The most polarizing team in college football. You either love'em or you hate'em. I love'em
8) Florida State Seminole's and Florida Gator's Daddy.
9)Loved by few, hated by most, respected by all.
10) see excellence.
The Miami Hurricanes have won 5 National College Football Titles since 1983.

Don't hate the Miami Hurricanes because they own you Florida and Florida State.
by Joe Friday July 06, 2005
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