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1) Cowboys From Hell
2) Texas metal at it's best
1) Dimebag Darrell was the guitarist of Pantera, until some jag-off shot him.
by Joe Friday July 06, 2005
1)The show that makes my XM radio worth it's subscription price.
2) A radio show in which nothing is sacred....and thats why I love it.
Opie and Anthony get the WOW sticker, do you hear me? Opie and Anthony get the WOW sticker!

Jim Norton, from the Opie and Anthony show, likes paying women to shit on his chest.
by Joe Friday July 06, 2005
Artists who gave us such incredible pieces of music as Dark Side of the Moon The Wall and Wish you Were Here. No doubt in 200 years Pink Floyd will be studied and revered as Motzart and Beethoven are today.
Get a nickle bag, a #3 from McDonalds, and a Pink Floyd album, and oh what a night you'll have.
by Joe Friday July 06, 2005
1) A god to the Middle-aged Stay at Home White Women tribe, who's word is law to said tribe.
2) Steadman's Sugar Mama
I don't want to stop eating beef, but Oprah mandates it.

"Steadman, get your ass in here and clip my toe nails" said Oprah
by Joe Friday July 06, 2005
see marijuana
1) Sweet sweet Cheeba.
2) The best plant on God's green Earth.
3)The drug all other drugs want to be.
4) The inspiration for such great entertainment as Half Baked, The Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Cypress Hill's music, Rastafarianism, Cheech and Chong, and the Gettysburgh Address.
Does the Crocadile Hunter smoke weed?
by Joe Friday July 06, 2005
1) The host of T.V.'s Jeopardy
2) A Canadian.
That Alex Trebec is one smart Canadian
by Joe Friday July 06, 2005
To earn respect in the Mafia underworld by commiting some sort of crime, usually murder.
Do you know who I am? I'm Moe Greene, I made my bones when you were going out with cheerleaders.
by Joe Friday July 06, 2005
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