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A radio terminology magically appearing in the psyche of Geordie and Terri describing the simultaneous detriment of stuff.
It is now apparent that Big Kev's in a cave full of crystal and bats. That's just borange.
by Jodi January 04, 2005
a movie starring various permiscuous actors. in which several weomen eject brown-white liquid from there anus.
Done primarrily by Sanky weomon who do not care for safety.
I butt creamed her like no other, as did my four friends, she was a dirty hoe, extremely dirty.
by Jodi October 23, 2004
fkn hottest actor EVER even though hes like 40. He always was, is and will be the ultimate cooool and hotness (i dont normally go for old guys)
omg johnny depp is hot!!!!!!!!!!
by jodi June 11, 2004
(Noun) A person who possesses unusually geeky, nerdy, or loserish characteristics or personality.
Adrian is a ginormous wang head
by Jodi April 07, 2005
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