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Lesbians (preferably good looking ones like in the movies) going down for the growl on each other (usually 2 good looking lesbians but the more the merrier)preferably at the same time (69er), or a guy going down on a chick.
Check out those 6 good looking lesbians eating each others wet juicy pussies, judging by their smiles they must be enjoying their Fish Milkshake.
by Jimmy B from Oz December 21, 2009
A dog carried around usually in a hand bag by celebrities such as Paris Hilton.
Check out that slut Paris Hilton over there carrying her Slut Mutt. I bet she uses her furry checkbook to pay for everything as well.
by Jimmy B from Oz December 13, 2010
Worms. Intestinal worms.
Look at that dirty little prick over there scratching his arse, he must have Bum Grubs (ass maggot or arse maggot). He laid a turd and it was crawling with Bum Grubs.
by Jimmy B from Oz December 21, 2009
Another name for a pussy, moot, vagina, vertical smile and so on. Rather than the act.
Show us your furry checkbook (or furry cheque book in oz).
by Jimmy B from Oz December 21, 2009
When growing facial hair (face pubes) and it gets to a certain length and its itchy as hell.
Hey check out that dude scratching his face pubes , I think he must have Face Crabs. I think I might go shave off my face pubes because it's bloody itchy, I must have Face Crabs.
by Jimmy B from Oz December 21, 2009

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