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Noun - A combination of the words 'belly' and 'cunt'. A grotesquely bulbouse area below a womans belly button and above her vagina opening. When wearing pants, the area appears to resemble a blowfish. This woman is usually considered unfuckable.
"I bet that fat chick can't even see her own pussy with that huge bunt in the way."
by JimmiDigital January 26, 2003
a code word for a blow job. The numbers represent the letters B and J. usually used in private conversation in a public area, so as to not to seem like a pervo to strangers who are being nosey.
can be shouted across an open area and appear to be innocent. "Hey! I can't hang out now cause I am getting a two-ten from your sister. I will call you afterwards."
by JimmiDigital January 26, 2003
A redundantly shortened version of pervet. See also pervet and perv.
"Don't be a pervo when my parents are around"
by JimmiDigital January 26, 2003
An affectionate term given to a vagina. Insinuates that the vagina is already moist and delectable.
I would love to lap your puddle and make you cum.
by JimmiDigital January 26, 2003
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