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Similar to the above definition, the act of "doing physics" can be the most productive, yet time-wasting moments of one's life.
Similar to Doing Nothing, it involves nothing, nothing, more nothing, wank, Call of Duty, nothing, nothing, wank, reassurance of parents that you are actually doing physics, wank, nothing, finally followed by a wanktathlon in which the subject is bone dry of energy and stamina, hence they p00n n00B$ on COD for three hours.
Mum (calls out to Sam who is on the toilet): "Sam! Are you doing physics?"
Sam (in a dry exasperated tone, separated by quick and irregular breathing, usually associated with masturbating): "Yeah... ah.. ahah... gergghh... it's ahh... going well... jerhg... meheh... foooahhh..."
by angry piece of shit October 01, 2009
you say you are doing your 'physics' when in reality you are messing around or doing what youre not supposed to be
ex: He told his parents he was doing physics, when in reality he was looking at porn.
ex2: He told his parents he was doing physics, when in reality he and his friend were beating Gears of War on 'insane' mode.
by crashtestdummy October 28, 2008
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