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3 definitions by Jill Glomb

Country. Not famous for much. Many cow pastures, Duffys Bar, and a post office.
Ill Meet ya at Duffys in Fombell. Make a right at the 3rd cow pasture. You cant miss it, there will be an abundance of trucks covered in mud in the lot.
by Jill Glomb May 15, 2008
hearty soup made of tomato or beef based broth and many vegetables sure to fill ya up and clean ya out.
The cabbage and beans in this vegetable soup are giving me bubble guts.
by Jill Glomb May 15, 2008
A Pittsburgh Pennsylvanians way of thnking.
Dem Browns SUCK! Jinz See how dem wuss asses played ball against da' Stillers Sunday? Day need to take dare assess back to Cleveland.
by Jill Glomb May 15, 2008