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south, used to agree with someone instead of i know
if some one says that movie was off tha hook and the other person says n'it
by JIF March 25, 2005
Fecal Monster. Like the Cookie Monster, only with more Nutty bits.

"Get your head out of that toilet bowl you fecal monster, and give me a bit of rim jaw instead "
by JiF October 30, 2003
This is the state you end up in after downing fifteen pints and a couple of whiskey chasers. Thanks to the definition above I am never drinking fifteen pints again, just in case I am they are linked
after slaughtering the contents of the beer Keg, he was totally pole-axed...
by JiF October 15, 2003
A sweet clothing line.
Awis wears Keen.
by JiF November 09, 2004
synonym of narc
Why do you have to be such a bizzay?
by JiF December 15, 2003
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