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A word used as a Verb to describe your actions of doing nothing. Pretending to be busy; thinking you are actually doing something to move yourself forward in life, but you are actually spinning your wheels, doing absolutely nothing whatsoever.
Me: Hey Justin, do you want to work on a marketing piece for your Home Improvement business?
Justin: I am kinda BIZZAY at the moment.
by Yes IM Bizzay February 29, 2012

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A god that walks the earth. A description usually applying to a person. Can also be used as a status modifier, such as Lord or King. Sorta, like a pharoh, but possessing that extra touch of coolness that you can't quite put your finger on.
Damn, thats a sexy bizzay.
by Ben Mullineaux December 10, 2003
synonym of narc
Why do you have to be such a bizzay?
by JiF December 15, 2003
the gay word used for bizzy is someone ever says bizzay smack em, smack em hard
oh no i cant fuck you in the ass now im bizzay,
i didnt ask for that faggot ...
hit kick smack hit bang hit kick smash ch.c...ch..c BOOM
by flippa April 05, 2004