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Someone who smokes a lot of marijuana
That kid? He's blazed all the time, i'll tell you he's a regular joe brown.
by Jesse Hertz December 19, 2006
An orally taken, general, non-opiate, painkiller commonly sold as Advil. Common dosage is 200mg. Often referred to as <Vitamin I>.
I had a killer headache so i took two ibuprofen.
by Jesse Hertz December 19, 2006
derived from the phrase "word up young mc". mc being a shortening of emcee
Jesse: Want pizza?
Joe: Word up young mc.
Jesse: Shut the fuck up
by Jesse Hertz July 25, 2006
An annonymous psuedonym, equal to "John Doe"
Medical Examiner: We got ourselves a Joe Brown here, estimated time of death, 1300 hours

Officer: What's your name sir?
Suspect: Joe Brown you pig!
by Jesse Hertz August 08, 2006

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