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An exclamation--said very quickly--that you can spout at anyone or anything at the slightest suggestion of dickery.
Professor: Yeah, so we're gonna have to go until five today.
You: Don't be a dick!
Professor: See me after class.
You: Donbeadik!!
Professor: OK, go home now.

Computer Screen: (Download Time...... 71 days)
You: Don't be a dick!
Computer Screen: (Download Time...... 4min, 15sec)
by Jesse Gold February 23, 2006
Even more radical. Used especially after something has already been called radical.
"Dude, let's go get some hot dogs at Spike's."
"Oh, and some wings too!"
by Jesse Gold January 09, 2006
Something that makes sense as long as you don't really think about it, much like how you know the sun is there, but you can't look directly at it.
"No, dude, seriously! The Korean kids are spies from Kim Jong Il!"

"But why art school, dude?"

"Oh my god! It's obvious! Well.... wait... Crap, it made sense in my head."

"Solar Logic, dude. That or you're retarded."
by Jesse Gold July 24, 2006
A person with little little balls.
"Way to go, pinbag. Now she's off with that guy."
by Jesse Gold February 15, 2006
Good. Like porn is good. But porn isn't merely good. It's something far better than "good," and that's why when you use this word people will know what you mean.
"There's a money tree in the backyard and it's cookin' omelets and singin' dirty limericks too!"
"That's porntastic!"
by Jesse Gold February 23, 2006

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