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a word used to describe something on par with excellent pornographic material
Matt: "hey adam"
Adam: "I had sex with your mom last night, it was porntastic"
Matt: "well... your mom!"
by bdub March 04, 2004
Normally pertaining to the female sex, an adjective that defines a person's sexuality, usually in a risque or porn-type way. Women who wear very short skirts with high heels and flaunt that they are doing so normally are defined as such. It is not always used as a derogatory word. Similar words are slut, ho, superfreak, whore, tramp.
That girl is porntastic.
by bswrchrd January 26, 2004
Good. Like porn is good. But porn isn't merely good. It's something far better than "good," and that's why when you use this word people will know what you mean.
"There's a money tree in the backyard and it's cookin' omelets and singin' dirty limericks too!"
"That's porntastic!"
by Jesse Gold February 23, 2006
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