The state of being a dick
Damn, that guy's dickery is off the charts!
by Nevrmore March 26, 2005
When playing a game in such a way as to piss off anyone who is playing with you or against you. To turn being a dick into a viable way of playing a game. It is only dickery if they are aware of what they are doing or when they smile as they do it.
"Quit doing the same move over and over again that is just pure dickery."

"Haha, look at the dickery I just pulled on this guy."
by BryanCL April 30, 2008
The action of doing something that will make you look like a dick, or be seen as a dick.
Jack performed an act of dickery yesterday, when he shoved that girl's face into the cake.
by Tri Force95 April 27, 2010
The act or behavior of someone, that is to say a dicker, who is dicking around(i.e. random or purposeless action).
I wish people around here would cut out the dickery and do some work.
by The Riffler April 22, 2008
The act of messing around with a friend or room mate, causing trouble for them in usually unnecessary ways for your own personal enjoyment and their personal torment.
Girl: There's no reason to get too jealous...I'm pretty sure you know him, anyway...Jewish, smart, funny, eyes that vary color from sea green to hazel...sound familiar? ;-)

Girl's male room mate: Woody Allen? Sorry, I need to get in on the room mate dickeries, I never had a chance with any of my past room mates :P
by dracoodoom January 10, 2012

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