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Conjunction of "giant hippopotamus", a hippopotamus several times larger then an average hippo. Most often, used as a derogatory term for extremely obese school teachers.

Ms Pigler sure is a giapotamus!
by JerLuvsDiane September 01, 2006

1) Conjunction of "giant retard", more stupid then your average retard. An IQ of less then 42, usually a giatard has buck teeth.

2) Conjunction of "giant leotard", a leotard so big, only a giapotamus or larger (if possible) can wear one.

Jeremiah must a giatard for going out with that bitch!
by JerLuvsDiane September 01, 2006
1) a gaint horse, usually with buck teeth, a greasy curly mane, an ass the size of a giapotamus and reeking of garlic. Most often experienced in a:

2) a nightmare of gigantic proportions. Usually contains stalking, threats against babies and trying to find a purpose in life by harassing others.

Marie woke up screaming from a giamare about looking in the mirror.
by JerLuvsDiane September 01, 2006
2) When a bride to be is SO ugly, the engagement announcement in the newspaper is printed without a picture.
Marie: Why is the there no picture of Ger and Pas with their engagement announcement?
Nick: Because she's a bridezilla
by JerLuvsDiane September 06, 2006

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