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When one male works with numerous females who by nature menstruate together thereby creating an unbearable and hell like work environment for that single male who becomes the focus of all the emotional irrationality and unfounded anger.
John knew he was dead by estrogendercide when he went to work on Sunday and wanted to put the game on and was greeted with tears and accusations of misogyny.
by Jeocasher March 30, 2009
Using ones breasts to provide leverage when opening a jar or bottle or otherwise manipulating a difficult object.
Jessica struggled to open the bottle of champagne until she put it between her breasts and used a little cleverage.
by JeoCasher March 28, 2009
When your favorite restaurant is closed on certain days or at a certain time and your craving for it becomes stronger during those periods.
I usually feel the Jones Effect on Sunday because Paseo is closed and I cannot get my Midnight Pork sandwich.
by JeoCasher March 30, 2009
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