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3 definitions by Jenszi

Using camping equipment inside your home, especially when your home simulates the rigors of wilderness living.
The heating bill got too expensive, so this month I've set the thermostat at 52 degrees and I'm hamping in my sleeping bag on the couch.
by jenszi January 08, 2011
Tacky clothing decoration (i.e. sequins, beads) that goes unseen when the apparel is hanging between other items on the rack, causing anguish when a customer removes the item from the rack and discovers the ruination of an otherwise purchasable textile.
I thought I had found the perfect blouse, but I pulled it off the rack only to discover that unforsequins covered it in a sash-like spray from shoulder to waist. There was no way I could buy it.
by Jenszi August 14, 2011
The level of anxiety you face when there is one piece of marzipan left, but it's your fault for eating it all in the first place.
I bought a box of marzipan this afternoon and told myself to make it last until Christmas, but all I have now is one piece and lots of marzipanic.
by Jenszi November 20, 2011