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short for "Knight Industries Two Thousand". The name of a hero computer talking car. Its made from a 82 pontiac Firebird S/E, painted all black and has major modifacations.
"Hey Kitt buddy I need yah, Pamala Anderson is drowning out here"
by Jeff Currie November 14, 2003
Something you eat that has 2 peices of bread with any other type of food product or byproduct inbetween the bread. This term is only used like this when currently eating what is normally known as a sandwich, and your mouth is to full to pronounce it properly.
"Yoooo mummm, dis samitch iss soooo mmmmm gooood mmmmm"
by Jeff Currie November 14, 2003
An import wannabe, rice burner coffee can drivein poor excuse for a good piece of american metal.
"Domestic rice and import rice is the same shit just a different pile"
by Jeff Currie November 14, 2003
aka a strip club
aka a club where people strip for money
aka a bar you dont tell you wife you were just at
"Hey man lets go down and cheak out the peeler bars around here"
by Jeff Currie November 14, 2003
a: Any car that has been lowered soo much if it drove over rice growing on the ground it would burn it. b: A highly modified import car that is slower then it was in stock condition.
Also see domestic rice
that sound isn't a pack of bees or me farting its that crapy civic rice burner over there with that punk homeslice kid sitting in it.
by Jeff Currie November 14, 2003
A word to decribe something that is broken and will take a lot of work to fix.
"My computer just crashed, it's scuft now!"
by Jeff Currie November 14, 2003
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