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The highest level of drunkenness, close to the level of alcohol poisoning.
She got completely annihilated and had to be carried out of the club.
by jeff March 21, 2004
1. Possibly the greatest 2D side-scroller of all time. Released by SNK back in 1996, the series is currently in it's fifth arcade incaranation with two other versions for the Neo Geo Pocket and one for mobile phones.

Also is being used as a theme for a series of Pachinko machines being produced by SNK.

2. The Super Vehicle 001; resembles a cartoonish mini-tank. Has the untanklike power to hop, and is armed with two mini-vulcan guns and a large caliber tank cannon, which can be armed with H.E. and Armor Piercing Rounds.
"Metal Slug > Gunstar Heroes."
"Metal Slug Attack!"
by Jeff February 18, 2004
Parents In Room
Used while kids are in online chat
rooms/IM services and parents is in the room.

<TastyBuddy>: 'sup LilBitch? like that shit last night?
<LilAngle>: Why kind sir, do I know you? PIR
by jeff June 19, 2003
A popular arcade game in which you must use your feet to press arrows in coordination with what goes on on a screen infront of the player.

On a side note, also a great game.
The Japanese (Konami) are quite ingenious when it comes to unique, and as usual, very popular games. Take Metal Gear for example. It was rated one of the best games of the year back in the day, and still is with the new games and series coming out. DDR does not attract only ugly, pale young males, and no females. In my area there are plenty of both young healthy males and young cute girls that play the game.
"Homosexuals" is definitley the wrong term to be used when defining DDR. When 2 males go up together to play, they do not make contact with eachother nor do they make any sexual reactions to one another.
Dance Dance Revolution is a popular Japanese arcade game.
by Jeff August 10, 2003
Extremely intoxicated.
She went to the bar and just got toasted.
by jeff March 21, 2004
Definitely not
I agree
Of course I am listening, darling
Ooh that feels good
Ouch that hurts
by jeff May 04, 2003
Slang description of disproportionately pronounced/overhanging female posterior. Exeptionally round set of large buttocks on a woman.
She got dat apple bottom, yo.
by Jeff November 16, 2003

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