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1 awesome sound + 2 cool brothers = kinks 4-ever
I'll bust a cap in anyone who messes with Ray Davies.
by Jeff January 18, 2004
From old blues songs, particularly the Chicago style; a reference to the location in the slaughterhouse where the stock was killed and then butchered, hence a scene of danger, difficulty, bloodshed, etc.
Man, it sure is tough down on the killing floor today!
by jeff August 07, 2004
The longest word in the english language.
The latin/scientific term to describe the lung disease found mostly among coal miners. AKA "Black Lung"
pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcaniconiosis is bad.
by JEff April 12, 2005
A community driven website frequented by both unbelievably smart individuals and mind-numbingly stupid tools.
I was at fazed - and as usual, b00zar is an asshat.
by Jeff June 03, 2003
mans best friend
I love my doggie
by Jeff November 28, 2003
somebody who engages in sexual intercoarse with a horse
you are a horse fucker
by jeff July 18, 2003
Someone who just eats constantly everyday and never excersises or does shit about it
Brian, Milton, and Andy are fat boys but PABLO IS ONE FAT BITCH!!!
by Jeff June 28, 2004

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