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To poop or shit in very large amounts.
Jeff likes to poopsalot.
by Jeff&Emily April 01, 2008
a person with either ugly or perfect nose. or possibly a pill snorter.Or an oodly shaped nose.or weird buggers.
the way you snort that cocain is very nosetrastic
by Jeff&Emily April 01, 2008
To choke on ones own toes.A time when your toes make you stop breathing.To die because foot odor is so stanky.
I went to Emily's funeral and they said she died from toefixiation.
by Jeff&Emily April 01, 2008
Someone's mother who ate all the food at thanksgiving so they had to send her to home to other people as the take home plates!!!!!!!
This thanksgiving yomammatogoonaplatewrappedinsaranwrap as a present for others.
by Jeff&Emily April 01, 2008
Completely stupid, or extremley exhuasted or look like you have just found out that you have an STD. or extremly pissed
Sara was extremly utritarated when he went to the free health clinic.
by Jeff&Emily April 01, 2008

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