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A plebhead is another word for a pleb. It's an insult to call someone you don't like and think is annoying. See also plebtard.
"Blah blah blah blah.. Blah blah."
.. "Shut up, you plebhead."
by Jebbie January 17, 2008
Microscopic bugs that you don't see but know they're there. You usually think about them on handles in public toilets or on public transport.
"Ew. Janine just left the toilet but didn't wash her hands. She's just adding more invisabugs to the door handle. Lovely."

Sarah: Does anyone have a fork?
Joe: There's one in my drawer at my desk. It's clean.
Sarah: I'll wash it anyway. God knows how many invisabugs are crawling around in there.
by Jebbie January 17, 2008
A pickle is a smelly man that no one likes.
Urgh. The Pickle smells so bad. Did you smell him when you walked passed?
by Jebbie January 17, 2008
When you've dropped some food or sweets on the floor and you still want to eat it. Blowing off lint and stating 'Gods food' makes it safe to eat. Similar to five second rule.
Ah, I've dropped my hotdog.
*Picks it up and blows off invisabugs and lint*
Gods food!!!
by Jebbie January 17, 2008
A man or woman who is stupid, annoying, a plebhead and a complete turd.
"Urgh. I wish he'd shut up! He's a complete plebtard."
by Jebbie January 17, 2008
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