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verb. To impreagnate a woman; usually occuring during intercourse where some form of contraceptive is used.
Dude, that sucks. I heard you slipped one past the goalie.
by Jeb from NH July 25, 2003
Boston Red Sox
It's after the all-star game, so it's time for the bosox to ruin my summah!
by Jeb from NH July 25, 2003
a penis or any other one-eyed creature. "Playing tug-o-war with cyclops" is a term for male masturbation.
I had to wipe the floor after playing tug-o-war with cyclops
by Jeb from NH July 25, 2003
An expression to point out that a female in the room has erect nipples. Typically used for a woman with particularly large nipples like those of a temperature indicator on a turkey in the oven that pops up when the bird is done.
(as a girl with high beams in a tight turtle neck walks by...)
Dude, the turkey's done!
by Jeb from NH July 25, 2003
verb. To whip out the penis, often to take a leak.
Excuse me fellas, I have to go hang trout.
by Jeb from NH July 25, 2003
Saggy tits; usually large and droopy. a.k.a. "bob saggits"
Michelle rested her saggits on the table because her back was sore.
by Jeb from NH July 25, 2003
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