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Used either as a greeting, a noise of celebration or a battle cry. Commonly heard at the beginning of garage/grime songs where the whole crew gather round and shout 'blut blut blut'. May come from the word blad/blood or even an impression of gunshots. Comonly used by ghetto 'youts'.
Dean sees Darren arriving and shouts 'blut blut blut'.

Mo' Fire crew open up a garage track chatting shit accompanied 2 shouts of 'blut blut blut'.

1 crew sees enemy crew arriving, point fingers at opposition, like a gun, and shout 'blut blut blut'.
by Jaytool June 03, 2005
A roll up cigeratte. Used in North London.
Mate can i blag a scrolly please?
by Jaytool June 03, 2005
A weapon of some sort. Comes from U.S.A ghetto culture/language. Used by rudeboys n pikeys.
'Bare mans came down m,y ends with tools'

'Yeah blad i'm tooled up'

'Fool came up on on me but i blasted him with my tool'
by Jaytool June 03, 2005
Used to describe something that is out of the persons understanding. Is derived from Jamaican dancehall DJ's challenge to rival DJ's and call to audiences "ya don't know my style'' etc. Now used by townies and inner city kids to describe their experiences or views on life in general.
'We got so mashed... trust you don't know.''

''Rooney's volley was sick...you don't even know''
by Jaytool June 03, 2005
To meet up with a drug dealer to pay and collect your drug of choice.
"Blad can you link me a draw tonight?"
by Jaytool June 03, 2005

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