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a term for something that is excellent, cool, or just plain out gnarlly.
" Man, that home run by A-Rod was ill biscuits. "
by Jaymo May 30, 2006
1. A brand of honey
2. A name given to someone who is high as fuck on cocaine.
" I put a little suebee in my hot tea and it was wonderful. "
" Yo! What up suebee? Long night? "
by Jaymo May 31, 2006
slang for "quarter". the "ch" is pronounced like chariot or change. used mostly by the poor or near poor type.
"yo doood, lemme get a chorter."
by Jaymo May 30, 2006
Lamp, to Procrastinate, to put aside, to take your sweet ass time.
"Don't lamp on that task, yo!"
by JayMo June 26, 2003
adj. unhip, outre, five-minutes-ago
Those pants are bogging awful. My father has a pair just like them
by jaymo June 25, 2003

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