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Taking an unusually large crap which creates a massive explosion like sound in the toilet.
We thought Hiroshima was bad until we heard Jeff drop a nuke in the bathroom.
by JayReynolds September 21, 2007
To wank, or masturbate.
Uncle Herbert told me to patch the one eyed snake, so I went out looking for a one with a box of band-aids. I eventually got tired as I couldn't find it, so I ran behind a bush and masturbated furiously.
by JayReynolds October 20, 2007
To call someone up on his/her cellphone.
I gave my aunt Marla a ringy dingy on her trailer trash phone.
by JayReynolds September 21, 2007
Rectum, also known as the poo pipe.
Herbert describers his rectum as the chocolate tunnel, in an attempt to justify why he sticks toys of 10 year old boys in his anus.
by JayReynolds June 26, 2010
Taking a torpedo shaped shit, which drops with a splash and, due to it's sheer energy, swims around the toilet seat for a while before it settles, waiting to be flushed by it's master.
Cuntinagi was the Japanese pilot responsible for the Torpedo discharge. While the Pearl Harbor attack was taking place, and after dropping his entire payload of torpedoes, he bent over and dropped a final torpedo from his anus on an American Aircraft carrier as a symbolic dropage before the honorable Kamikaze. It is said that his fecal matter was so vile it burnt through the carrier's toughened steel, creating a large crater-like hole, sinking the carrier and it's crew at once. The torpedo like fecal matter was later recovered from the bottom of the sea, and now can be found at the Louvres Museum in France.
by JayReynolds August 28, 2010
The human anus.
I was a party last night and thunder blasted from my sewage shoot. I knew then I must quickly run back home and release the unholy discharge before I get laid to avoid any strange odors as I sweat while ramming my girlfriend's sewage shoot.
by JayReynolds June 26, 2010

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