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A name of a boy or girl, often shortened from the original name.

Normally mistaken for purley a boy's name.

Also can mean "free" (derived from the term - "free as a jay bird")
Tim: "Hey Jay, how you doing?"


'He was happy now that he was a Jay, being with that girl sure tied him down'
by Jay21 May 03, 2006
Sour to the taste, or tastes slightly off.
Heather: "Oh that lollipop is a bit tangy!"


Stewart: "This is a bit tangy, is it out of date?"
by Jay21 May 03, 2006
An insult. Derived from the word "knob"
"You're such a knobcicle"
by Jay21 April 30, 2006
If something is cool and at the same time, original.
"That is so dudified!"
by Jay21 April 30, 2006
'Une' is a word used to substitute the name of an object that you do not know or have forgotten.
"Pass me the... une!"
by Jay21 April 30, 2006
The end of a loaf of French bread.
"Anyone want the noggin?"
by Jay21 April 29, 2006
A scratch, scuff or mark on a record.
Robbo: "Have you got anymore copies of this please? It has yit on it."


'Bev went through her record collection only to discover there was excessive yit on a copy of her favourite Dan Hartman single.'
by Jay21 May 03, 2006

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