10 definitions by Javier

phrase meaning very cool. Often used by gay males from Southern california.
Oh my god, that is rockin'
by Javier February 23, 2005
Ejaculatory fluids of the male human. Can be traced back to the mid-70's to David Bowie's alter ego Ziggy Stardust. In the example, "white light" describes the high of freebasing heroin.
White light - White light gonna drive me out of my brain
White light - White light gonna make me feel so insane
White heat - White heat shapin' them down to my toes
White light - White light's got it now, goodness knows
by Javier January 12, 2005
a wannabe eminem guy from mexico. he thinks he is the next Roger Federer. he cheers the worlds worst soccer team, Cruz Azul.
"mai neim i guat? my neim is ju?" lupe said
by javier March 29, 2005
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