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a fart that smells like rotten eggs and lingers around for a while.
People literaly choked because the air was so think from Ted's turbo toot.
by Jason9 September 17, 2006
a jar that one farts into in order to conceal the smell for a future indiviual to enjoy. Toot Jars usually have a tight plasic lid so none of the smell escapes.
Ryan gasped as he opened the lid of my toot jar and took a great wiff.
by Jason9 September 17, 2006
A common name for male ejaculatory fluid.
1. Rickter was so horny that he beat off and got a steamy load of wazz on the couch.

2. Steven loved the movie so much he wazzed in his popcorn.
by Jason9 November 06, 2006

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