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5 definitions by Jasian66x

The comment Facebookers say when expressing their objection for something, purely because Facebook doesn't have a Dislike button.
Brad: This essay sucks.
-Jack: Yeah. Dislike.
by Jasian66x May 10, 2009
Where it's so quiet that you'd think everything's dead.
Greg: Dude, this road is dead silent.
by Jasian66x August 19, 2008
The small lisp you get when you're trying to talk while chewing gum, unless you put your gum to the side of your mouth instead of the front.
Jimmy (chewing gum): I want some ithe cream!

Charlie: Screw you, spit your gum out. I don't get you with your stupid gum lisp.
by Jasian66x June 15, 2008
To go to bed; to go to sleep.
Amanda: I'm tired. I'm gonna go bed up now.

John: Okay. Night night!
by Jasian66x November 24, 2008
Short for "re-login."

To sign off and on again, usually with AOL Instant Messenger (AIM).
People may relog to avoid being "lifeless."

Not to be confused with d/c.
Greg: Dan's been on AIM all day! Why doesn't he ever go outside?

Sean: Yeah, he relogs every two hours so it looks like he's got friends.
by Jasian66x August 10, 2008