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When one duct-tapes a colt 45 onto each hand. The person who has "colt 45 hands" cannot take them off until he/she finishes the bottle. Very difficult to pee, very easy to get drunk.
I can't fuckin take a leak till i drink my colt 45 hands!
by Jared Hunter March 24, 2005
An awesome example of Ghetto Word Smashin'.
Means "You will be alright"
Bill: Mang my girlfriend broke up with me

Jamal: Ubeiight bro.. ubeiight.
by Jared Hunter July 29, 2005
A drinking game. Two people sit across from each other, legs extended, touching feet. Your drink sits right about in your croch, with the bottle cap upside down on top of the neck. The purpose it to knock the cap off of the other persons bottle, and when you do, they have to take a drink. For every miss, the next player throws. For every sucessful throw, that player throws again.
Jared - Colin is really drunk man, i
just kicked his ass in caps.

Colin - I'm really drunk!
by Jared Hunter March 24, 2005

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