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Someone who takes credit for a source of fame or honour they did not create, also may refer to someone who jumps into a situation at the last moment and claims precedence.
Urban dictionary author 1: Hey dude check out this new word ive created, ive spent goddamn weeks on it.

Urban dictionary author 2: Oh yeh? lets have a look.....

Urban dictionary author 1: Hey what are you doing?

Urban dictionary author 2: Finders keepers fucker.

Urban dictionary author 1: Goddamn glory stealer.

President Roosevelt: Id like to thank the armed forces and all those at home in the USA for single handedly winning the second world war.

Churchill: Fucking glorystealer.
by Jared Ellis October 10, 2007
Another term for the cavity of cervix or Internal orifice of the female vagina.
Rapist: Im gonna break through the hymen and shoot a load right into your ejaculation chamber sweetcheeks.

Victim: Muffled screams.

Rapist: MMMM yeh.
by Jared Ellis September 12, 2007
An interjection of pleasure at something thats easy to do with great reward, or an easy task.
Crack addict: Where do you reckon i should go out theiving for my daily bread?

Dealer: I find stealing old womens handbags is always a la cushy.
by Jared Ellis October 10, 2007

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