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The term given to pushing a flaccid penis into the vagina.
Drunk dude: Im too pissed, its never gonna work
Female: Cmon work with it otherwise ill fuck your friends
Drunk dude: Well alright ill try thumbing in a softie.
by Jared Ellis January 17, 2008
The Sexual process of masturbating a male and catching the semen in your mouth.
Hooker: I like to keep myself healthy by enjoying a protein shake right after a heavy workout session.
by Jared Ellis March 09, 2008
The act of removing ones penis from its panty containment and pulling out the pockets of your trousers making the genitalia region resemble a elephant.
Drunk: Hey ladies, wanna say hello to the elephant man, he wont bite.

Chick: Umm sure?

(produces elephant man)

Chick: My god, its huge. Does it like peanuts?
by Jared Ellis March 09, 2008
The state of being seriously intoxicated on any form of substance, generally refering to alchohol.
Example 1:Ive been tooting the rocks (smoking crack) all evening and im one razzed hobo,

Guy1: Hey lets hit the town tonight, get razzed and sleep with a hooker,

Guy2: No thanks, last time i got razzed i woke up beside another bloke.

Guy1: What a player.
by Jared Ellis May 17, 2007
A particular instance of deceit or trickery with which such grandeur is used.
Party go-er 1: Hey guys check out this huge dealing of grass i just scored.

Party go-er 2: Dude you just got a grand sham that aint nothing but cooking herbs.

Party go-er 1: For christ sake, i teared my anus skin hunting down this shit.
by Jared Ellis February 26, 2008
The feeling at the pit of your stomache that you acheive after watching a fatality, whether it be on a gore internet site or a violent film. One often feels guilty and suffers from post fatal depression. The emotion can be overcome by watching porn or something similiarly amusing.
1: Ive been watching suicide videos all day and i think im suffering from past fatal depression.

2: My cat just got run over, it was funny watching its organs explode on the front of the SUV but i think my little sis is suffering from Post fatal depression.
by Jared Ellis March 09, 2008

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