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The area between the dick and the ass. Also referred to as the grundle or gooch.
Please fondle my sandbar.
by Jared April 16, 2003
First off, look at dirty sanchez and pay close attention to the definition that says u wipe the poop with ur finger or thumb, now this is basically the same except u take your 2 pinkys and make a French type moustasche on her face and could even be equipped with the proper French noises.
Wee Wee Madame, compliments to the chef
by Jared March 25, 2005
An insult issued by local Australian Aboriginals within poorer communities i.e. 'Balga'
'Ay dere dorg karnt, ya gunna ge' us fiddy cents or a smoke?'

'Oi, dat dere white fella is a dorg karnt'
by Jared July 12, 2004
Wootly is a genius, handsome, witty and charming. His amazing good looks are surpassed only by his stunning intellectual competence and he is everything everyone wishes they could become.
If you see wootly online or in real life, you should immediatly bow down to his prowess.
"I love you wootly, you are my master"
by Jared May 28, 2004
A large object or stick.
Thats a big ol' piece of hucky!
by jared November 26, 2003
another word for fellows;friends
Me and my fellers went to the movies
by Jared June 25, 2004
A totally rad 80's movie about BMX racing featuring that hot chick from Full House
-Have you seen that rad movie Rad?
-It's totally rad.
by Jared December 18, 2003

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