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the stated definition is far too limited and therefore somewhat mis-leading.

"pischer" refers to the penis of a young boy and can be used as an insult or as a term of endearment, depending on context. The youngest (pre-pubescent)son in a family might be referred to as the "pischer," as may a boy who tries to seem older than his years (i.e., to wish for an adult's penis).

Whereas one might use schmuck as a Yiddish equivalent for "prick," "pischer," when meant as an insult, designates someone who is a phony or small-fry, one who lacks the power or indepedence he pretends to have.
Don't worry about what he says. He can't negotiate this deal; he's just a pischer. It's his boss we have to talk to.
by William Hackman December 12, 2005
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a yiddish for -small penis- also an insult
(see also, schmuk)
Shut the fuck up you little pischer
by jared July 12, 2003

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