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A place to go and read editorials inbetween Harry Potter book releases.
I had a sudden urge to a read Harry Potter book, so I went to mugglenet.com and read some editorials to quell my cravings.
by Janis February 26, 2005
A huge, worldwide animal rights organization. They claim to be in support of helping animals, but they don't actually do anything productive. PETA spends its funds on creating stickers that say things like "Leather Is For Losers" and distributing them, instead of providing homes for stray animals like humane societies or trying to pass legislation like the ASPCA.
PETA gives vegetarians and animal rights activists a bad name.
by Janis January 18, 2006
Another term for bible, used by people who think that the bible is a load of dog shit.
I enjoy rolling joints with my copy of the Holy Buy Bull.
by Janis June 28, 2004
A black female.
Can also be spelled niggress.
The niggeress robbed the liquor store down the street.
by Janis January 31, 2005
Exclamation used when someone is surprised, upset, or is trying to make a point.
Christ on a bike! Did that guy's car just explode?
by Janis February 06, 2005
1. A British derogatory term for a homosexual male.

2. A derogatory term for a Christian, usually a Creationist. Comes from the thought that everything was created as it was about ten thousand years ago, thus it would make a giant "poof!" noise such as a magician making a rabbit disappear.
1. I told you George was a poof, he just made a pass at me in the locker room.

2. The poof goes to church regularly on Sundays.
by Janis May 14, 2005
When someone uses this word and spells it incorrectly, you can tell that the subject they are referring to is so utterly moronic that it kills their brain cells at the very thought of it.
OMG you don't know what leet is? you r so stoopid... (etc.)
by Janis December 29, 2004
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