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Shiney Object Syndrome: is wide spread in women throughout the world namely America, it is a need for Bling, shiney and sparkley objects to adorn their bodies with, such as clothes, jewelry, purses, cell phones and just about any and all fashion accessories!
I can't walk through the mall without having to stop every five feet because of Michelle's S.O.S. ( Shiney Object Syndrome) , she catches all the sparkle and bling with her peripheral vision and has to stop at every store!
by Jane Nazrat September 17, 2009
A person who consistantly tells white lies and/or often exaggerates situations (most often a child)
My daughter tends to be a fibulator when she is put on the spot.

All politicians nowadays are fibulators, like in Jane Nazrat's poem "The Tribulation of Fibulation", you can check it out on Think.mtv.com.
by Jane Nazrat September 21, 2009
When one is found guilty beyond resonable doubt!
Look you moron, don't try to play me, you are guiltified and I have my posse to prove it!
by Jane Nazrat September 17, 2009
Term of endearment used to call ones daughter, used in the same context when one refers to their own son as son.
Wow, daughter...you really did it this time, I knew you could win the championship!

Well, daughter this is your big day, now get out there and sing like you have never sung before and show them how it's done!
by Jane Nazrat March 18, 2010
A state of being totally pissed off and out of control.
Back it up chump cuz I am about to get midevil and I won't be held responsible for my actions!

Yeah, bitch keep those words flow'n and I'll give you a mouth full of midevil!
by Jane Nazrat March 18, 2010
A little more than just a case of melancholy, also feeling discombobulated and dejected, left in a state of contemplation.

In a state of feeling as if you are in the wrong place at the wrong time, have lost your sense of identity and are seeking answers from God.
I am feeling a Lil' Funky Bent today, so tonight I think that I will take a walk with God and dance with the Angles under the stars.

I am glad Mariah Carey isn't funky bent anymore,her concert was awesome and she sounds better than ever!
by Jane Nazrat September 21, 2009
A polite way of damning something in a situation where the use of cursing is frowned upon.
Namnanit...I didn't bring enough baby diapers, do one of you Mommy's have one you can spare.

Namnanit...if that juicer bouncer of yours hits on me one more time , I am going to have to introduce him to my 44 Caliber Fingernail.

Namnanit...another corporate meeting and I haven't even finished the minutes from the last one.
by Jane Nazrat March 18, 2010
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