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A chump that only drinks milk, chocolate, vanilla, strawberry...breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Trust me, you ain't no playa and you don't know what tipsy is, look chump you're a milkaholic, now tell me what club is serve'n up milk?

Randy is a milkaholic, instead of coffee in the morning he has chocolate milk, instead of soda at lunch he has strawberry milk and yes, for dinner he has straight up milk!
by Jane Nazrat September 21, 2009
64 11
A stupid ugly whore who will sue anyone and anything for cocaine money, usually from Hollywood.
Lindsay Lohan is suing E* Trade for calling a baby Lindsay, what a milkaholic.
by KC23 March 10, 2010
31 7
addicted to milk
im such a 1% milkaholic
by sammyboarder23 July 08, 2010
7 0