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1)A person who makes corny jokes while proceeding to follow these bad jokes with a dumbass guffaw. People tend to want to avoid them in social situations

2) A person who substitute's cultural references or television quotes for actual jokes following his joke with a dumbass guffaw

3) Anyone who makes a "that's what she said" or a "in your pants" joke outside of the eighth grade and still expects everyone to laugh a mind splintering dumbass guffaw.
example one: for definition two:
"Jesus, Brayden's made that Family Guy joke for like the eighth time tonight, I think he might have a drinking problem, that Chucklehorse."

example two for definition three.
Samara felt shame in her very being when she realized people only sorta chuckled at her "that's what she said" joke. Samara attempted to make eye contact with her circle of friends but found that none of them would comply and meet her needy stare.It was then that Samara knew she was a chucklehorse, a dirty stinking chucklehorse.
by Jan Smith July 04, 2010
A reference to the product after oral sex between two or more gay pirates, usually used to highlight their mutual sin.
Cook: Oi Shanks! What be that dripping from the first-mate's beard?

Shanks:Arg! That be the jolly captain's Cockrum dripping from his beard!
by Jan Smith July 27, 2006
A very prissy stuck up girl.
A girl who considers herself to be on top socially.
A derogatory name for a uptight or squeamish preppy girl.
Most girl's in highschool aspire to be total sissiphants.
Cindy's chronic fear of spider's made her considered to be a sissiphant amoungst her peers.
by Jan Smith January 02, 2008
slang word for aroused clitoris
After hours of reading Supernatural fanfiction I often find myself sporting a Nubbitt.
by Jan Smith June 22, 2012

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