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1. A bloke who racks up a number of notches on his bedpost by picking up rough looking birds in nightclubs on student nights. (Vampire because he preys on girls out at night, slayer because he 'slays' them with his mighty weapon).

2. Someone who kills vampires.
Eddy: "Cor blimey, Dan brought another girl home from the student night!"
James: "I know, he's a real vampire slayer!"

James Woods, Kristy Swanson and Van Helsing all killed vampires, making them vampire slayers
by Jamie Douglas January 19, 2007
The ultimate male culinary delight.

The man breakfast (TM) must contain all of the following.

Black Pudding
Hash Browns
Toast/Fried Bread

Extra such as ketchup, brown sauce, salt and pepper are essential.

The man breakfast is the only way to defeat a hangover, which is God's way of telling you that you had a good night.
Hey! You left the mushrooms off this man breakfast!

Oi! There's chips on my man breakfast - take it away!
by Jamie Douglas December 18, 2006
Before now.

Several things have happened previously, including the second world war and unidentified drinking injuries.

No-one can prevent things that happened previously.
"Children should learn about things that happened previously."

"I previously had a job."

"Previously to you, I had another wife."
by Jamie Douglas November 20, 2006
Rhyming slang for Wog.
"Have you seen snakes on a plane? It stars Hollywoods hardest working chocolate frog!"
by Jamie Douglas September 09, 2006
Golfing game. When a man fails to drive the ladies tee-box it is customary to force him to turn his trouser/shorts pockets inside out, unzip his fly, and walk the length of the hole with his johnson out, thus making an elephants image around his crotch.

Cruel variations of this game include consuming a quiagh (a small silver tureen used to formally serve whiskey at gatherings) of whiskey before every new hole when playing in a fourball. The first 3 players (determined by the lowest score at the previous hole) can sip as much or as little as they like, but the fourth player must finish what is left. This normally results in at least one player getting totally mashed and spaffing their drives only a handful of yards.
"Ooops, failed to make the ladies tee again, you know what that means - elephant golf!"

"Let's hit the golf course with a bottle of dram for some elephant golf"

"OK, rules for todays golf competition. No ladies on the course, and elephant golf to be played at all times."
by Jamie Douglas September 08, 2006
The yummiest of all the Z-list celebrities. To be a weathergirl you must be either blonde or brunette or redhed, and you must be very pretty and have a great body. If you wish to be a weathergirl, being swedish is of benefit but not a requirement. Famous weathergirls include Ulrika Johnson and bald-headed-moustache-man Michael Fish. If you see a weathergirl, steer clear of them as they will have an IQ of roughly 3, and this may cause them to spontaneously combust.
Kevin: "Who's that nobody?"
Phil: "Just some weathergirl."
Kevin: "Hmm, hottie."
by Jamie Douglas September 01, 2006
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