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unfortunate; unlucky; lacking; being without something
I have run out of drugs, it's dry.
Your car was stolen? That's dry.
The party was over when we got there, it was dry.
Dryness! (exclamation of disappointment)
by jamie September 22, 2002
To receive a good or full amount, more than expected.
That is a bish tens.
by Jamie April 26, 2005
The person that wrote the definition of 'dislexia' (as shown above this definition) is in fact probably dyslexic herself. Her inability to even spell the word correctly pretty much proves it. You fucking idiot.
Some of the idiots on here are fucking dyslexic.
by jamie August 05, 2004
How Much Wayne Was Over For The Meet
Wayne Ate Two Ice Cubes So He Was .2 Over
by Jamie February 19, 2004
verb. to apply bos to something.
"oh man, tina got bos'd all night."

"watch out, if he goes in there he's going to bos the toilet."

"there's more than one way to bos a cat."
by jamie April 27, 2004
something you say when you are overly irritated or riled up
I can't open this flamin jar!
by Jamie September 30, 2003
Jodi's boobs are size D40, D stands for Disasterous
In the case of Jodi's boobs, D stands for Disasterous
by Jamie February 14, 2004

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