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The insinuation to call another person on an appropriate or decent comment. How well the others in the room react or how good the comment is, the more people will reply with "GREAT SHOUT!"
"This homework is absolute shit"
"Great shout"
by JamesSNIPER November 09, 2007
Hard flick of the Scrotal sack, intended to inflict pain on the subject
"Ah, I just got quaffawed"
by JamesSNIPER November 09, 2007
To pull another persons shorts or pants down. It works effectively if their is a gathering of people to see it and thus causes higher embaressment for the victim. An added bonus is if you are able to get a hold of both the pants or shorts and the underwear, causing their lower body clothes to be round their ankles. Does not work if their shorts or pants are tied so that ability to deebag a person is dismissed.
"Oh my god. You'll never guess what happened to Paul just then"
"Harry just deebagged him. LOL"
by JamesSNIPER November 09, 2007
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