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The rare breed of strange but respectful, diligent chinese people in mainland China. Like the jewish people in Germany. They have their own unique traditions and foods. They are usually smart and successful.
What dialect do you speak?


by James January 04, 2005
hilarious come back
A; your a bitch
B; so's ya mum
by james January 12, 2004
the persuit of homosexual "Acts" of an anonymous nature in pubilc lavatories via a small and well crafted hole in the cubicle wall to ensure
"Please excuse me a second Nathanial, I'm going to check out the cottaging facilities"

"Ow" exclaimed Bowden "My Japseye seems to contain an angry splinter. I know i should have sanded the cottaging hole"
by James November 11, 2003
Computer slang for backslash backslash
Go to whack-whack MyComputerName whack c dollar sign. \\MyComputerName\c$
by James February 24, 2005
An amber ale brewed by New Belgium Brewing Company of Fort Collins, Colorado.
"Gimme a Fat Tire!"
"That'll be $6.00."
"Damn, I wish I lived in Colorado."
by James November 11, 2004
the act of putting a bit or chunk of feces in one's mouth, and then swallowing.
I am eating a piece of shit.
by James July 25, 2003
Salvia divinorum is a soft-leaved green plant, native to Southern Mexico, which contains a powerful psychoactive chemical known as Salvinorin. S. divinorum has been used traditionally in Mexico for healing and divination and became available in the underground psychedelic culture around the world starting in the early 1990's. S. divinorum is also known as "la pastora" / "the shepherdess", "the leaves of the shepherdess", "diviner's mint" or "diviner's sage", and in context simply as "Dalvia". There are many species and varieties within the genus 'Salvia' and plants commonly found in garden stores are almost certainly not S. divinorum unless specifically labelled as such.

Strong effects can be difficult to attain from smoking dried leaf, but extracts and potency-bred leaves can cause dramatic, sometimes frightening, and completely enfolding entheogenic mind-states. Many people who try S. divinorum do not find the effects at all pleasant and choose not to repeat the experience. Salvia divinorum is traditionally used by chewing pairs of leaves. Modern use includes both smoking and chewing the leaves. When the leaves are chewed, the quid and bitter juice are held in the mouth to increase absorption
I had a very spiritual experience after I had smoked Salvia Divinorum.
by James October 25, 2003

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