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its a blood version of crackin but wit a "b".
Wus brackin blood.
by Jamella September 25, 2003
1.Song by Usher
2.A way to respond to something
3.Something Lil Jon always say,also with okae,and what.
1.You heard that song by Usher "Yeah"?
Boy:You wanna go wit me?
Girl:Iono..hmmm yeah I guess.(lol)
by Jamella March 08, 2004
1.Name of song by Nelly.
2.Something that attracts the opposite sexy also another word similar to pimpjuice,milkshake.
3.A green colored drink by Nelly.
1.Ay, you heard pimpjuice by Nelly?
2.Damn..I got the pimpjuice to make niggas drop to the floor.
3.You tasted that pimpjuice drink?
by Jamella March 08, 2004
Lil Jon Always yellin it..
Bia Bia..why you actin like a punk..Bia Bia..OKAE!!!
by Jamella March 08, 2004
Damn,basically its so many words to describe him,sexy,fine,hmm I really dont know. He looks nothing like Omari(Omarion). He looks like himself. But its better to see him person he look damn good.Also see 1holla..its a clique made by him.
Oryan is damn sexy.
by Jamella March 08, 2004
a elite person whos on the crazy level: fitted,mysterious,cute and oh so fly.Too often intimonated but can never be duplicated. Always exclusive and stylish.
tight, hot, bomb, center of attention, cool.
by Jamella September 24, 2003
OMG! You cant be serious its still B2K you stupid bitch.

The first example..the bitch is on some neva shit.
1.Da first post is on some neva shit its still B2K I mean come on now when Omari was there, there was nothing in their name that stated it was 4,3,2,or 1 not even 30. So its still B2K.
by Jamella March 17, 2004

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