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A song more entertaining and smarter then the original. Sung by ''Weird Al'' Yankovic, it features many stereotypical ''White and Nerdy'' things -non-spinning tyres, Wikipedia entries, Chess Club, Mayonnaise, Action Figures and braces instead of grillz....hilarious!
White and Nerdy is a really funny song, one of his best!
by Jamachine November 18, 2006
Please do be quiet you tosser.
Boy 1: Your sister is hot, man.
Boy 2: Hey, do you want to come round and meet her, maybe I'll offer you a nice cool glass of shut the fuck up
by Jamachine October 22, 2006
Used in the Irish counties of Kerry and Cork to mean:
''Holy mother of God''
and such like.
Man 1: She's a fine looking filly
Man 2: Begorrah, she is!
by Jamachine November 18, 2006
To be on a mad one=to be going crazily angry at no apparent provocation
Seán: Can I have a pencil please Miss?
Miss Griffin: No Seán, go and buy your own f*cking pencils, you little b*ll*cks.

Seán(to friends):Jesus lads, don't go near Griffin today, she's on a mad one.
by Jamachine May 08, 2007
Chill out.
Calm Down
Take a chill pill
Boy 1: If we don't win our next game, we won't make the play-offs
Boy 2: Chillax! Of course we'll win, that team suck.
by Jamachine October 22, 2006
I'm only buzzing with you.
-I'm only joking with you!
-Chill out, sure I'm only messing!
Boy 1 ''You can't play basketball for nuts''
Boy 2 ''Do you want a slap''
Boy 1 ''No, calm down. I'm only buzzin' with you!''
by Jamachine October 16, 2006
The Rock is simply the most electrifying man in sports' entertainment ever. People ask the question "Who was the best at the entertainment side of professional wrestling?" and the simple answer is:
The jabroni beatin', a la la laaaa, pie eatin', death defyin', electrifyin', can star in a movie, catch a pass and still has the ability to layeth the smacketh down on your candy ass!

Other sayings include:
-Know your role and shut your mouth
-What is your name? ..... It doesn't matter what your name is!
-Roody poo, candy ass
-Lay the smackdown
-Layos los smacketh downos
-If you don't understand what The Rock just said (turns to audience), if he didn't understand what The Rock just said, The Rock just said this.....
-Finally! The Rock has come back to ....(location/Monday Night Raw/Smackdown)
-If you smellllll-la-la-la-la-ow, what The Rock...is...cookin'
-Woah, woah, woah, woah, woah, woah, woah!

-His birthday is the 2nd of May. His wedding anniversary is the 3rd of May.
-He met his wife while he was at college.
-He used to play American football at college and was an All-State linebacker.
-He stands at 6 foot 5 inches in height
-He weighs in at 250 pounds (Wrestling days=275 pounds)
-He has admitted that on some days he eats up to 20 Krispy Kreme doughnuts a day.
The Rock is also known as The Great One, The Bhrama Bull, The People's Champ. These are all true
by Jamachine June 06, 2007

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