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An invasion and subsequent occupation of an oil-rich nation by a superpower based on selectively researched and faulty intelligence. A contraction of "Bush's War," a reference to the current Iraq occupation.
Tell President Obama that we don't want a Bush War in Venezuela!

The last thing America needs is another Bush War in Iran.
by Jake Throckmorton December 16, 2007
The absolute least sexy thing to shout out in bed.
"Thank you, Captain Obvious!"
by Jake Throckmorton August 30, 2005
a song by Roxy Music and sung by Bryan Ferry. Directly responsible for my brith, as my mother concieved me while this song was playing.
Avalon is the best song to fuck to, by far!
by Jake Throckmorton June 21, 2005
Cambridge Rindge and Latin School. The only high school in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The second most ethnically diverse public school in the country. Loved or hated by its students.
Man, I love going to CRLS!
Man, I hate going to CRLS!
by Jake Throckmorton May 05, 2005
The one word that will never grant a man oral sex from a woman.
"Yo, can I get a blowjob?"
by Jake Throckmorton January 13, 2007
to be used interchangably with "it's," mainly out of excitement.
going to that concert? shit's gonna be intense!
by Jake Throckmorton April 23, 2008
a deep spiritual connection between the closest of friends, derived from a blog quiz that associates colors reminding poeple of other people. green is the symbol, in the test, for the person you'd know for the rest of your life.
"we're so green." "that we are."
by Jake Throckmorton October 05, 2005

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