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1. To get somewhere quickly.
2. To just quickly rush something.
Guys, sorry I gotta go! I gotta clock it over to Mike's house!

Man, I just totally clocked that math test.
by JadedMaple April 13, 2006
If you do not know, you will be happier!
"If I train is traveling at 67 MPH from Philadelphia and another train is traveling at 51 MPH from St. Louis, and the passengers do not know they are on a collision course. Will they be happier?"

The Genius, Stephen Colbert.

Seeing as it is pencils down?

Border Security
by JadedMaple August 09, 2006
1. Something or to do something very bad.
That math test was In the Wind!

Never piss in the wind.
by JadedMaple April 13, 2006

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