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- n.

1. The burlesque yet cosmopolitan literary style of Cracked.com, "America's Only Humor & Video Site, Since 1958".

2. Sarcasm of the highest art.

3. If Oscar Wilde and Dorothy Parker had a son named Freddie Mercury.
"I always picture the cracked voice coming from an awesome dude."

"I have a chemistry teacher who speaks PERFECTLY in the Cracked voice--minus swears."

"Why the fuck should you care? Oh yeah, because I said so."
by Jacopo January 06, 2010
(hun'drid hand slap)

- n.
1. The one Street Fighter move that EVERYBODY knows how to do.

2. E. Honda's signataure move from Capcom's "Street Fighter" video game series. Performed by pressing any punch-button rapidly.

From Japanese "Hyaku Retsu Harite" (lit., "Hundred Violent Sumo Hands")
‘The first move I ever learned in Street Fighter was the hundred hand slap.’
‘Dude, don't be cheap. Quit doing the hundred hand slap.’
by Jacopo November 19, 2007

- n.
1. An umbrella term (most often used OUTSIDE the city) encompassing all urban vernacular as one language.

2. Inner-city slang.

- adj.
1. Of or relating to inner-city slang.
'Urban Dictionary is essentially your guide to Urbanese.'
'Rap, gangsta, jive, hood, ghetto, ebonics... it's all Urbanese.'

'Two weeks in the city and she's already speaking urbanese.'
by Jacopo September 13, 2007

- n.
1. The language of dorks (as used by Master Shake to describe Frylock in the Aqua Teen Hunger Force, 'The Cloning').

2. Any manner of speaking that seems annoying, presumptuous, or absurdly-intellectual.

- adj.
1. Of or relating to a dorky manner of speaking.
'I'm sorry. I'm not fluent in Dorkinese!'
by Jacopo May 23, 2009
(kap'kom N'ding)

- n.
1. The end sequence of almost any video game produced by Capcom Entertainment Inc.

2. A lame ending to a movie/ TV show/ video game featuring a sunset or sunrise (with cheesy music.)

3. Something trivial or trite; a total letdown.
‘I couldn’t believe it... even Resident Evil 4 had your same typical Capcom ending: a sunrise!'
‘The Matrix Revolutions had such a freakin’ Capcom ending.’
'Dude, I've seen more originality in a Capcom ending.'
by Jacopo August 26, 2007
1. Someone who makes the honor roll.

2. Martin Prince's NASA-designed soapbox derby car from the 1991 Simpsons episode 'Saturdays of Thunder'. (It is a play on the words 'honor roll' and 'Lunar Rover'.)

3. A total nerd.
1. "Guess what, dad! Your son is officially an honor roller!"

2. "Bart, if she breaks up on you, steer away from the grandstands or else you might kill hundreds of innocent spectators." - Martin Prince on 'Honor Roller'

3. "Haha! Look at that shirt! 'Honor roller'... what a dork!"
by Jacopo August 21, 2009

1. A drinking game played while watching 'The Civil War' by Ken Burns. Its name comes from Shelby Foote, a novelist interviewed almost ninety times throughout the series, accounting for almost one full hour of the series. Each time he shows up to share a story about some haunted owl or "strange" Southerner, knock back a shot of your favorite Tennessee whiskey and await his inevitable return.
Quick! Pass the whiskey! FOOTELOOSE!
by Jacopo May 07, 2011

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