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A song produced by Afro-Man telling the story of his adventures. A translation was made for white people in 2010 of one of the verses,

Colt 45 - for whites!
T’was sunset in the small town of East Side Palmdale. I had passed through the Caucasian streets as residencies had begun to go up for sale.

(rest in example)
Colt 45 - for whites!
I was standing on the corner of my block in an attempt to make some financial income through selling some rap tapes I had produced myself. It was at this moment, that I had met a young lady by the name of Jane. I had offered her a lift in my Cadillac, for I was completely unaware that her father was in fact, the Ku Klux Klan leader. We partook in sexual intercourse on her bed, and then on her furbished wooden floor. In fact, we had sexual intercourse for such an extended duration, that my hair had grown an inch or two. Then the intercourse went in the rightward direction, then to the left, and we had switched to having oral sex until the shit, had turned into a whitish colour. And then I pondered to myself, “Sheeba Sheeba”, and noticed that my rear end had begun to take upon the pattern of the ever-so majestic creature, the zebra. Afterwards, I had dressed and took my leave, but all of a sudden, her father appeared in a quite snazzy Chevrolet. Panicking, I sprinted towards the back window and after the agonizing leap through, I stood up to only the sight of Jane’s father, wooden plank in hand. Beating me left and right, he had the will in him to beat my arse all the way until the next morning. However, I hold no vengeance towards the prejudice gentleman, for that had been the finest intercourse of my young years. I retreated to obtaining a small bag of marijuana and an 1887 Port, for I have the intention of pleasing her sexually once more!
by JackyCizzlez May 18, 2010

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