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Slang term for Marijuana.
"Aw man Josh smoked all my Sheeba"
"It's Payday man, I'm gettin' some Sheeba"
by Floyd1976 July 04, 2007
(n) the coolest chick you'll ever meet; a unique name; the best friend you could ask for; sweet; loving; caring; NOT A DRUG
That was the sweetest girl I have ever met! Her name was probably Sheeba.
by Cheritree July 15, 2011
A Sheeba is a sensual power that comes in the form of a wet dream. Often by a man that recently came in contact with a woman and went to sleep alone.
He awoke feeling excited and a bit moist from his enjoyable encounter with Sheeba.
by CocoDragon May 20, 2009
1. A powerful entity that one may complain to when he/she is in a negative state of mind.

2. Lover of the Queen of Sheeba.

3. Nemesis of the Froofs for 300 years.
-"Alright guys go out and do an 8 mile run today"
--"Sheeba!..lets go sit in the woods for an hour"
by penmcgee October 03, 2010
When you rub your hand down someones face.

Alternative Sheebas:
Sweaty Sheeba: When you spit on your hand and rub it down someones face.
Chocolate Sheeba: When you stratch your ass then rub it down someones face.
Cheesy Sheeba: When you rub your hand all over your cock and rub it down someones face.
Fruity Sheeba: Fruitjuice
Double Sheeba: 2 handed sheeba
Double Sweaty Sheeba: Same as above but with spit...

You can basically make your own sheebas up just by putting different things on your hands and rubbing it down someones face...

NOTE: When you perform a sheeba you must shout sheeba after youve done it...
Scott: SHEEBA!!!
John: Ewwwww Your Sick Man!....
Scott: Fuck you...
by ScottC July 27, 2006
1) stuff
2) alt. form of shit

Also spelled, shiba.
1) What did you do with my sheeba?
2) You're such a puta, you got sheeba all over my shit!
3) I have to take a sheeba.
by J.D. "La Puta" Cornjeo January 29, 2004
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