25 definitions by Jackson

being EXTREMELY own3d, this is no ordinary ownage. this is the mac-daddy of being owned
dude i hard-core tr0nz0riz3d you in de_aztec
by Jackson February 24, 2005
"Poppins" was a word from 'old-time' English, removed from the dictionary by the US Government in a conspiracy against the native English Language. It was once used as an adjective, and described pleasurable or nice things.
"I just got a waxymiggins off some chick last night, it was totally poppins!"

Jackson: "Did you see the film last night?"
Jon: "Yeah, it was totally poppins!"
by Jackson October 04, 2004
someone who is the group bitch and does whatever anyone tells them to do, like pussy only much worse
that guy is such a damn pussy willow
by jackson September 01, 2004
In popular slang, any word that begins with sh or the sh sound.
"Fo shizzle" (For Sure)
"Look at this shiz(zle)" Shit
by Jackson July 25, 2003
greatest movie of all time. was created at the washington suites hotel. gay porno. jackson was responsible entirely!!
jackson created the movie/porno american funyun and then jerked his chode and got a cream pie and gave it to his father.
by jackson May 05, 2004
A girl who is so ugly, it looks as though her face caught fire and was consequently put with a chain.
Did you see that wilderbeast Chris was with last night? She was a real chain-face
by Jackson December 03, 2003
a rather large, bowling ball shaped whore who has a wedgie and likes to bitch
that bessma fucked jackson and his father
by jackson May 05, 2004
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